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Inesol are developing a Pocket PC (XDA) version of their Lotus Notes CRM product In-Touch for salesteams on the move. The product synchs with databases when in the office but uses the mobile phone network to send and receive emails on the move. The product also allows creation of MS Office documents against contacts whilst on the move and synchs with team and individual user's mailfiles.
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As a Lotus Notes consultancy Inesol have been asked to help with the development of many CRM and closely related products for customers over the years, including building CRM Solutions for IBM, Intraware, Hewlett Packard and Konzept Computer.

We continue to support the market leading Notes CRM (Maximiser) although we have developed our own Lotus Notes CRM product (In-Touch) which has superior functionality, including interfacing with accounts and document templates.

We have also built a Windows/SQL Server CRM module for the Hexagon Accounts helpdesk software and are considering developing a version of In-Touch for SQL/Windows. This will depend on how well our sales of Microsoft CRM goes.

As Microsoft business partners we are encouraged to sell and support Microsoft's CRM server.

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