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eCommerce Solutions

Inesol's consultants have nearly 10 years experience building shopping applications on the internet, our first on-line shopping application being a Lotus Notes based clothing site in the mid 90's. Since then we have used a wide range of solutions, tried out a large number of banks and payment gateways and perfected our own off the shelf eshop "In-Store" which ships for £5,000.

We are business partners of Protx who we recommend for customers on a tighter budget, and SecPay who we recommend for larger customers who wish to keep more functionality internally.

We use SOAP, XML, Curl & Network Encryption to connect to the payment gateways.

eCommerce Platforms

Inesol have developed live eCommerce Solutions on the following platforms:

  • PHP - With MySql Backend
  • JSP - With MySql Backend
  • ASP - With MySql Backend
  • ASPX - With MS SQL Server
  • Struts J2EE With Oracle Backend
  • Lotus Domino Merchant
  • Lotus Domino

To request a list of sites using our solutions or to find out more about our In-Store product:

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Or call us to find out more: 0845 686 0220

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