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LloydsTSB Severance Process Workflow

Inesol's director Dr.W.Nicholas designed the Exit Management2 Worklow system at LloydsTSB along with business colleague Simon Baker and explains some of its key features below.

"The bank had a clearly defined business process for pensions severance cases, but their business process was not optimised towards achieving the department's SLAs, their underlying data was insufficiently detailed for acurate reporting, and their technical infrastructure was weak and no longer supported by IBM. In addition to which staff on the shop floor were disappointed by system issues and were resistant to change. We therefore had three objectives: 1) To redesign the current business process to accurately reflect SLA requirements, 2) To give the customer a technical way forward without replacing all their systems, 3) to win over staff by prioritising features that would make a big difference on the shop floor.

We designed a generic web based portal that ran on their Lotus Notes 4 architecture, giving the customer a way forward without forcing them to upgrade. By making it generic the customer could reconfigure it for new business processes without having to go to the expense of developing new software again. Three workflow applications were initially planned (Severance, PIP & Gen PUP) however our approach allowed all three to be delivered with the one application, thus saving the bank large sums of money.The engine for the workflow was based on Java & XML so that other systems in the bank such as Oracle could directly interface with the workflow engine, without having to remain loyal to Lotus Notes.

We spent a great deal of time sitting with the pensions officers and studying ourselves for Pensions qualifications, so that we could better understand the customer's needs, and the future requirements that the market would impose on the department. As a result we introduced a number of new features to the application, including case tracking, alarms, case escalation, document templates and procedures checklists to make the life of people on the shop floor much easier.

Another key goal was to reduce the amount of mis-payments and other errors interfacing with the finance department. The system therefore calculated the latest request submission date in order to pay the member by the cheapest method (automatically calculated) by the SLA and automatically created alerts. It tracked payments, disallowed duplicates and formally handled payment cancellation and top-ups through an automated sub-process. In the three months we monitored the finance link, it saved the bank more than £30,000.

As is to be expected, for management, good reporting, especially performance against SLAs was vital. We defined a very low level of underlying data events with full audit trail and timestamps, and linked the system to an OLAP cube and Crystal reports engine for later analysis."

Key Features :
Cross Application Web Portal
Secure Java XML Intranet Gateway
Transaction & Messaging Log
Automatically Routes To Approvers
Calculates Cheapest Method
Pays Any Currency
Pays Anywhere On Swift Network
Case Tracking & SLA Alerts
Built In Calcs Engine
Automatic PDF Conversion
Built-In Procedures Checklist

Lotus Workflow
Process Architect

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