Inesol's Sharepoint Based Project Server or Customers

Good project management is all about good communication and good documentation.
Inesol use sharepoint to manage communication, document sharing and project discussions with customers on the internet.

Our sharepoint server has several different security layers and we are keen to encourage as many people within the client's business to use it as possible.
Experience has shown us that sharepoint can be an invaluable tool for managing the project lifecycle, making a big difference to the effectiveness of a project team that includes members from different companies and backgrounds.

In addition to being a simple file/document store, we use it to capture change requests, bugs, and general comments. By adding workflow to sharepoint we can insure that nobody's thoughts and opinions are dismissed and that all ideas are given a fair hearing. We have found that our use of sharepoint helps to generate user "buy-in" and reduces resistance to change.

MS Project Server

The image below shows a screen shot of a developer's timesheet updating the overall project plan.
Inesol make this information directly available in this format to the customer.